MediPlus: The most comprehensive and versatile hospital management system

  • Online Hospital Management From Any Device
  • Patient Management
  • Prescription and Treatment Management
  • Payment and Revenue Management
  • Access Rights for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Patients Etc
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Patient Self Registration etc

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The Only System You Need To Effectively Manage Your Medical Practice

MediPlus is the most ideal way of managing entire hospital or clinic operations. The system has different access rights for Admins, Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Support stuff, Lab Stuff, Pharmacists and Accountants. It is suitable for hospitals, clinics, medical practices, dental practices etc.

Patient Registration

  • Patients can self register on the front end
  • Admin approves patient registration

Admin Settings

  • Admin manages complete hospital operations
  • Admin creates doctors, nurses, patients and other users

Outpatient Module

  • Outpatients can check appointments
  • Check medical history
  • Check invoices and other info

Inpatient Module

  • Management of hospitalized patients
  • Easily convert an outpatient into an inpatient

Doctor Module

  • Doctors can manage patient data
  • They can write prescriptions for patients
  • They have access to an appointment calendar

Nurse Module

  • Nurses can manage patient data
  • They can assign or allocate beds to patients
  • Monitor patient condition with notes
  • They can manage bloodbank and ambulance module

Support Stuff Module

  • Support Stuff can admit patient in hospital
  • They can record patient details
  • They can manage appointments

Pharmacist Module

  • Pharmacists can manage medicine with stock data
  • They can view patient prescription
  • Manage medicine category

Lab Module

  • This module logs lab reports for each patient
  • Allows for Uploading reports and writing findings
  • Allows for blood bank management

Accounting Module

  • This module allows for invoice management
  • It allows for the logging of income data
  • Allows for the logging of hospital expenses

Appointment Module

  • Allows patients to make appointments
  • Allows for the assignment of a doctor to a patient
  • Shows appointments in a calendar views

Prescription Module

  • Complete list of prescriptions made
  • Allows for the addition of prescriptions with treatment and medicine details
  • Search and sort records

Treatment Module

  • Complete list of treatments
  • Ability to add treatment
  • Search and sort records

Bed/Room Management

  • Define bed/room category
  • Add bed/room with charges
  • Assign bed to patient with admition and discharge dates

Operation Theatre Module

  • Complete list of operations made
  • Add/schedule operation with charges
  • Search and sort records

Medicine Management

  • Complete list of available medicine
  • Add medication with price and supplier details
  • Manage medicine stock details with categories
  • Search and sort records

Diagnosis Management

  • Complete list diagnosis reports created
  • Add reports for patients with costing
  • Search and sort records

Invoices and Expanses

  • Generate single invoice for patients
  • Log payment installments for each patient
  • Maintain expenses with detials

Blood Bank Management

  • Add blood groups and manage stock
  • Manage blood donor records
  • Search and sort records

Ambulance Management

  • Manage ambulance wit driver details
  • Request and log ambulance for patient
  • Sort, search and filter records

Notices and Message

  • Admin reserves the right to manage notices
  • Create and send notices for chosen groups
  • Notices appear on Dashboard calendar
  • Set single day or multiple day events

Message Management

  • Send messages to all users of the system
  • Send messages to intended users only
  • Compose, inbox and sent features

Reports Management

  • Total bed occupation report
  • Total operations reports
  • Hospital management reports

Take Off On The Cloud

We utilize the best in cloud technologies to make your system function to the best of its capabilities.


We have a package for everyone

Small Institutions


  • Custom Domain
  • Cloud hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Up to 20 patient
  • R33/additional patients/Month

Medium Institutions


  • Custom Domain
  • Cloud Hosted
  • SSL Certificate
  • Up to 100 patients
  • R27/additional patients/Month

Large Institutions


  • Custom Domain
  • Cloud Hosted
  • SSL Certificate
  • Up to 1000 patients
  • R20/additional patient/Month

Enjoy the power
of being in control
of your institution

Our system puts the power back in your hands
by allowing you and your stuff full control
of your institution by giving you access
to a tool with a wealth of features and functionality
all designed to make running and managing it
a walk in the park.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Registration Forms

We design custom registration forms in accordance with what best suits your institution. These can be made to collect documents, process payment etc.

Custom Website Development

We design custom websites for institutions of all sizes, these can be equipped with just about any features in order to make them compliant and purposeful for your individual needs.

Active Support

We provide active support for our clients in the form email, online chat, social media and of course phone support. This is to ensure that you use your system with as little hustle as possible.

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